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Nancy Barron & Associates, Inc.



Telephone:   859-254-4010

Fax:              859-254-8497


150 Grand Boulevard
Lexington, KY 40507

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Office Hours:

Weekdays 9-4 or by appointment 

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How May We Help?

For your personal protection and security, Nancy Barron & Associates, INC has a Compliance Practice of not accepting trade orders via email, text, or through this website.  Also, our firm will not process any alteration or change of any account feature through email, text, or this website. For service, please call or visit us during office hours. Thank you.


Market Insights:  Beginner Investor Services   Experienced Investor Services

401k Retirement Rollovers & IRA Transfers    Wealth Transfer  :   Wealth Accumulation 

Building Growth & Income Strategies :  Employee Retirement Programs :  Estate Planning  

Financial Management & Review    Margin  Option  Consulting & Coaching

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